Money Orders



MEMO Financial Services, Inc. money orders are a safe, convenient alternative to cash or personal checks. They can be used to pay for products and services worldwide and are a convenient, low cost way to send money. Millions of shoppers regularly buy money orders at stores like yours and make additional purchases at the same time. Here's what MEMO offers its agents:

• MEMO’s low-cost, full-service money order program gives you more — more business, more satisfied customers and more profit. We’ve helped retailers like you meet the needs of cash-preferring customers since 1986.

• You receive instant and generous commissions, based on the number of money orders sold. And, as your sales grow, your commissions increase too.

• MEMO provides easy-to-use, fast and secure money order equipment, complete training, simple procedures and clear and established processing controls. 

• Free in-store promotional materials and local dedicated sales support help you sell more money orders.

• You can count on superior service from MEMO, with expert assistance from our Pennsylvania-based bilingual customer service, tech desk and compliance Teams.

Learn about all the benefits MEMO has to offer. Contact us today at 800-922-8079 or [email protected].