2013 Resolution on Motor Fuel Taxes


 Whereas, Virginia is the 12th most populous state, but ranks 11th in amount in motor fuels taxes collected; and


Whereas, In 1987, the first full year after Virginia’s motor fuel taxes were last increased, the state collected $468 million.  For 2011 motor fuel tax collections were $822.7 million, an increase of 75.8 percent; and


Whereas, Since 1987, the costs of goods and services or the consumer price index has risen from an index of 113.6 to 225 in 2011, a 97 percent increase; and


Whereas, In 1987 Virginia licensed drivers totaled 4,070,041, increasing to 5,662,416 in 2011, an increase of 39 percent; and


Whereas, In 1987 registered vehicles in Virginia totaled 4,660,657,  by 2011 that number had increased to 7,565,848, an increase of 64 percent; and


Whereas, In 1987 there were 5,932,300 residents in Virginia.  In 2011 that increased to 8,096,604, or 36.4 percent; and


Whereas, In 1987 vehicle miles traveled were 54.8 billion, and in 2011 miles traveled were 80.6 billion, an increase of 47 percent.


Now Therefore Be It Resolved,


That the VPCGA Board of Directors hereby directs the association staff and membership to advocate the following principles during the 2013 session of the Virginia General Assembly:


  • Virginia motor fuel tax collections have risen faster than any other relevant transportation statistic.


  • VPCGA opposes any effort to expand local motor fuel taxation, as well as any effort to increase the rate of the existing local taxes.


  • VPCGA supports ensuring that vehicles powered by new and emerging technologies pay their proportionate share of the cost to construct and maintain Virginia’s highway system.


  • VPCGA supports Virginia’s system of motor fuels taxation to assure taxes continued to be assessed on a per gallon basis.


  • VPCGA opposes expansion of the sales tax to gasoline, as well as any wholesale or percentage tax on gasoline.


  • VPCGA supports continuing Virginia’s competitive advantage by maintaining a per gallon tax that is below our competing border states.
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